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Spherical Technology: Helmets

Spherical Technology: Helmets


News / Spherical Technology - Ball-and-Socket Design,
Powered by MIPS®, Redirects Impact Forces

Spherical Technology


Your brain is everything you are, and brain injuries can happen in a fraction of a second. Giro helmets with Spherical Technology can provide comprehensive protection and performance, so you can ride with more confidence in motion.

Developed at the Bell+Giro Dome laboratory in partnership with MIPS®, Spherical Technology’s unique Ball-and-Socket Design redirects impact forces, bringing market-leading design, performance and brain protection together without compromising comfort, ventilation, weight or style.


The unique ball-and-socket design of Spherical Technology utilizes two separate liners to help manage impact forces. The material and density of the inner and outer liners can be optimized with Progressive Layering to help manage a broad range of impact forces. When you combine the benefits of Progressive Layering with the market-leading MIPS® Brain Protection System, designed to help redirect rotational motion away from the brain, you get more comprehensive protection.



Spherical Technology’s Ball-and-Socket design, powered by MIPS®, helps redirect impact forces away from the brain by allowing the outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash. It also eliminates contact with hard plastic or slip-planes against the skin.


Dual-density liner designed to address high and low-speed impacts for more comprehensive energy management.


Spherical Technology allows optimal integration of MIPS®, the market-leading brain protection system designed to address rotational motion, for an added measure of protection in certain impacts.


Maximum cooling power with no obstruction to vents or interior channeling.



Optimal fit with plush padding and excellent moisture management.


Helmets with Spherical Technology have earned multiple awards, 5-Star Rating from leading independent test lab and are the choice of elite riders worldwide.


Helmets with Spherical Technology are available for road, gravel, mountain, ski and snowboard.


Spherical Technology was developed in the Bell+Giro Dome, a world leader in head protection design, testing, research and innovation.


In the quest to continue our legacy of leading performance and innovation, we don’t take past results or new technology for granted. That’s why we continue testing helmets in our Dome Test Lab as well as in partnership with MIPS®, in order to optimize the performance and integration of Spherical Technology to our standard.

In addition to the battery of tests mandated for compliance to leading global standards, we built three separate test rigs specifically to evaluate the performance of Spherical helmets when subjected to rotational motion. Based on the results of our own testing as well as the evidence from MIPS® and independent labs, we believe that Giro helmets equipped with Spherical Technology may provide an additional measure of protection in certain impacts, without adverse effects to other performance benefits. Helmets with Spherical Technology, powered by MIPS®, have been scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion from angled impacts when implemented in a helmet. And every Spherical-equipped helmet model is thoroughly vetted through testing to global standards, as well as MIPS®’s standards, to ensure it performs properly.

• Thousands of tests to-date.
• Top ratings in independent testing from third party laboratories
• Every helmet model validated prior to production approval

“…all the tech we need to increase safety
without any of the drawbacks.”

“…the safety benefits of MIPS®, with more
comfort and better performance.”

“…a beautiful, elegant and stealthy solution to
fighting oblique impacts.”

“The design lets Giro offer the benefits of MIPS® — reducing
rotational strain on the brain — without some of the negatives
sometimes associated with it, such as compromises in a helmet’s
fit or ventilation.”

“You could almost think of a MIPS® Spherical
helmet as two helmets in one…”


With data from thousands of tests to-date, plus top ratings from independent test labs and ongoing research, we believe that Spherical Technology is the most advanced head protection you can get. It also allows us to create a wide range of helmets for different styles of riding without compromising comfort, ventilation or other performance criteria that matter to you. That’s why we believe Giro helmets equipped with Spherical Technology, powered by MIPS®, are the best helmets you can get.

• Multiple awards
• 5-Star rating from leading independent test lab
• The choice of elite riders worldwide



No, because every impact is a unique event and every rider is different. Nobody can say when, where or how a crash will occur, or how severe the impact might be. But we do know that brain injuries often happen in an instant and without excess speed or force
We wish it was possible to claim that helmets could be 100% effective. But the truth is that NO HELMET CAN PREVENT ALL INJURIES, and there is no standard threshold for defining a concussion. Every impact is a unique event involving many factors that cannot be predicted, and every rider is a unique being. While helmets are proven to be up to 85% effective according to valid studies, it is not possible to claim that a helmet can prevent a brain injury in every case.
Although we believe that helmets equipped with Spherical Technology can provide an additional measure of protection in certain impacts, every crash is a unique event and a helmet cannot protect what it doesn’t cover. So, it is not appropriate to simply state that a helmet equipped with “Spherical is safer” since we cannot predict how you will crash or other variables that could be relevant.
No. Spherical Technology is not a multi-impact technology, and currently there is no cycling helmet that can guarantee to be truly “multi-impact”.


Spherical Technology was developed at the Bell+Giro Dome in partnership with MIPS®, and it is available in Bell and Giro helmets exclusively at this time.
No. Spherical Technology is permanently integrated into the helmet when it is built, and it cannot be retrofitted


Spherical Technology is designed to work without compromising fit, function or ventilation. It eliminates contact with hard plastic slip planes against sensitive skin, reduces bulk and allows wide-open ventilation designs. There is some added weight, but it’s only a few grams per helmet.


You should keep the helmet clean and in good condition as outlined in the owner’s manual. And you should inspect your helmet regularly for any signs of damage, especially after a fall. If you have any questions about the condition of a helmet, please contact us to set-up an inspection.


Yes. All cycling helmets must meet the required standards for the market they are sold in, regardless of whether they include Spherical Technology or not.

WARNING: Cycling is a dangerous sport which may result in serious injury or even death. For proper use of your helmet, please refer to the owner’s manual. No helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. Depending on the type of impact, even a low speed accident can result in a serious head injury or fatality. Helmets equipped with Spherical Technology are designed to protect the head and cannot guard against neck or other bodily injuries that may result from an accident.

All accidents are different, and it is not possible to state if a given helmet will provide protection in certain accidents. Exercise care and good judgment whenever you ride. Comply with all local traffic regulations and do your part to avoid accidents of any kind.